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How to Get Digital Ocean Free Credits: $200 Free Credits

To use the DigitalOcean promo code, you will have to click on the “Get $200 DigitalOcean Credit”
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How to Get Digital Ocean Free Credits: $200 Free Credits

In this article, we will be sharing how to get and use the $200 free DigitalOcean credit coupon, which you can use to build websites, web apps, mobile apps, video streaming services, games, SaaS, PaaS, DBaaS, API and to run batch and streaming big data workloads.

But before we delve any further into how you can use this free DigitalOcean coupon worth $200, please learn how to properly activate this promotion coupon.

Get $200 DigitalOcean Credit

How to Get the Free Digital Ocean Credit

To use the DigitalOcean promo code, you will have to click on the “Get $200 DigitalOcean Credit” button below or anywhere on this page in order to activate the free credit.

Please note that you may not be able to avail the free DigitalOcean credit if you go directly to DigitalOcean’s website.

How to Redeem Digital Ocean Free Credits?

Follow the steps given below to redeem the free $200 digital ocean credit.
  1. Visit digitalocean.com, and you will see a “Free Credit Active” banner as shown below. 
  2. Validate the free $200 credit on the signup page and sign up with your email. You need to provide a valid credit card or Paypal payment to activate the free credit. You will not be charged till you finish up the $200 free credit.
  3. After signup, in your digital dashboard, you should see your free credit as shown below.
Need help? If you feel confused, you can contact me on the contact page. free. I will guide you until it works. just prepare a paypal balance of at least $ 5 for register DigitalOcean

Digital Ocean Use Cases

Digital ocean is one of the best cloud providers for hosting and developing applications on the cloud.

Here is what Digitalocean offers.
  • Droplets: Virtual machines starting from $5 per month.
  • Networking: It offers private networks, load balancers, firewalls, etc.
  • Storage: You can add extra storage volumes to the virtual machines. Also, you can set up a backup for storage and root volumes.
  • Kubernetes Clusters: If you want to set up a kubernetes cluster and deploy applications on kubernetes, you can use the Digitalocean kubernetes service. You can also use the managed container registery service.
  • Managed Database Clusters: You can deploy managed MongoDB, PostgreQL, MYSQL and Redis
  • and Many More..

Videos: How to Create Free Droplet/VPS from Digitalocean

The condition to receive $200 free credit at DigitalOcean.com is very simple:
  • You are a new customer of DigitalOcean
  • Own an international payment card (Visa / Master credit card)  or top up with  PayPal to verify.
After registering, the card/payment service is finished, and will immediately have $200 in your account to try the service packages here.

The amount is valid for 60 days from the date of activation. Although it is not too long, that much thought is more than enough to evaluate the service of DigitalOcean.

Absolutely do not register multiple accounts to take advantage of the promotion lest mass block! DigitalOcean checks the account very closely. If your account is locked, please contact support for assistance.
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